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Our Secret Revealed
Bear Creek Nursery Staff

We are often asked at the nursery why our plants look so healthy. This got me thinking "Is it true, are our plants really better than others?"

How could that be? After all, a plant is a plant. And with a little water and fertilizer any plant will be happy and grow well. What could be the Bear Creek difference?

Well, these thoughts resulted in further speculation about all the great folks who work here and help us out. It's not just that these friends are good with plants or are savvy gardeners. It has to do with the way they communicate with the plants.

For instance, Sally, our very own puddle princess, chats with the plants, ever sensitive to their individual needs. Carl, who is probably the most experienced horticulturalist in the area, caresses the plants with his soft voice and thoughtful responses to questions. Tina's charming, lyrical voice tickles the roots of any living thing. Her conversations with plants are pleasant and timely.

Dusty, the all-around great guy, who is as handy with a tractor as he is transplanting seedlings, hums and whistles to all his charges. Melanie, our new resident photographer (ask her about her fashion shoots), is a flower child from the 80's and plays wild music on the radio to the herbs and vegetables.

Billie Jo, who graces us with her visits and still gardens for herself, friends and her church, will yammer on about anything to both plants and people.

Ken, the latest gardener and thinker to grace the greenhouses, seems to emote about anything. All of us, the plants, ponds & potting populace at the Bear, benefit from his suggestions, you will too. Gordon is usually heard merely mumbling to all of the above.

Now the truth is out, our secret revealed – all this collective chatter does help the plants. With all this chatting, caressing, charming, yammering, humming, singing, mumbling, murmuring and emoting, our plants are bound to be happier

Come on by Bear Creek Nursery and see what all the noise is about..

About Us

Bear Creek Nursery, located 3 miles north of Eureka Springs on Highway 23, has one of the largest collections of new & unusual plants in the Ozarks. Along with a selection of new annuals, perennials, herbs and grasses, the Bear offers many native trees and shrubs as well as a number of aquatic plants to enhance the pond. Landscape materials and a comprehensive selection of glazed & terra cotta pots round out the products available at your friendly neighborhood garden center. Sound advice is always available from the well informed staff, who will be happy to help you find just the right plant to compliment your garden. Landscape services are available year round.