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Volume 13, Issue 1 March 2014
Lettuce Hope For Spring. New Sun Loving Perennials: Yellow False Indigo. New Shade Loving Perennials: Golden Mist Wood Fern, Dixie Wood Fern. Start Planting Your Garden Now: Lots of varieties of Lettuce in Mixed 6-Packs, Chinese Cabbage & Colorful Chard & Shallots

Volume 12, Issue 2 April 2013
Time in the Garden. Man’s 2nd Best Friend. Ideas from the Vegetable Garden: Mild Jalapenos, Late Basil. Seeing Red in the Garden. New Additions: Maris’s Maidenhair Fern. New Annuals. Make the Heart of Your Garden Happy: 20 Varieties of Tomatoes. Spring Specials

Volume 12, Issue 1 March 2013
What’s New at the Bear. New Red Bud Cultivars: The Rising Sun Redbud, Avondale Redbud. New Perennials: Sedum ‘Xenon’, Penstemon ‘Iron Maiden’. Start Planting Your Garden Now: Mixed Greens & Spinach, The Herbs are ready, too. March is Garden Club Month 15% OFF

Volume 11, Issue 2 May 2012
Our New Perennials: Clematis “Piilu‟, Heuchera “Hollywood‟, Heucherella “Sweet Tea‟. Our Guarantee: We guarantee that the plants sold at Bear Creek Nursery are the healthiest plants available. Heirloom Tomatoes at the Bear: Amish Paste, Brandywine, Purple Cherokee

Volume 11, Issue 1 March 2012
What’s New at the Bear: Baker Creek Seeds, More Vegetables, Potting Soil in Bags, Pine Bark Mulch. At The Bear This Spring: Hypertufa & Bamboo Fountains, Bamboo Gloves, GoGrow Compost, Gardening Tools. Plant Police Strike Again. March is Garden Club Month 15% OFF

Volume 10, Issue 2 May 2011
New Annuals & Perennials. Annuals: Salvia “Mystic Spires‟, Oxalis siliquosa “Sunset Velvet‟. Perennials: Agastache “Mint Rose‟, Gaillardia “Mesa Yellow‟. New Vines & Shrubs: Lonicera “Dropmore Scarlet‟, Knock Out Rose “Sunny‟. 10th Anniversary Open House May 15-21st.