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Volume 10, Issue 1 March 2011
What’s New at the Bear: New Greenhouse, Organic Vegetables, Bagged Mulch, New Pottery, New Hypertufa, New Plants. Thank You: Your support is both humbling and awe inspiring. So Long, Evil Winter. The Gift of Dirt. GoGrow Compost. March is Garden Club Month 15% OFF

Volume 9, Issue 1 April 2010
What’s New in the Plant World: Annuals: Dahlia ‘Bloody Mary’, Torenia ‘Moon Rose’. Perennials: Echinacea ‘Baby Swan’. The Overachievers Part II: Salvia Van Houtti ‘Dancing Flames’, Ornamental Pepper Jigsaw. Vegetable Plants This Spring: Tomatoes, Peppers.

Volume 9, Issue 1 March 2010
The Overachievers. Rudbeckias are now available in as many colors as a paint chart. Winter Gardening. What’s New at the Bear. Old Ironsides. Our Shady Favorite. New Vegetable Plants This Spring. March is Garden Club Month 15% OFF.

Volume 8, Issue 2 September 2009
New Plans & Plants: A Fall Gardening Update. Tired of the same old garden? Making Babies (in the botanical sense). Garden or Golf? Fall Newness. Now Available at Bear Creek Nursery: Deer Resistant Bulbs, Surprise Lilies, Crocus. Customer Appreciation Weekends.

Volume 8, Issue 1 April 2009
What’s New at the Bear. New website, new pottery, new signage, new cat, new plants… Storm Update. A Few New Choices: Matchless Cuphea. Trailing White Bacopa. Ragin’ Cajun Ruellia. Thinking Ahead in Indigo. Growing Coleus from Seed. A Word about the Economy

Volume 7, Issue 2 September 2008
Fun Facts About Landscaping. Would you want a plumber to plant your trees? Bean There, Grown That. For anyone who cultivated a vegetable garden, it was a delicious year. Bonfire Begonias. Growing Garlic in the Fall. Garlic is an easy and satisfying crop