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Bear Creek Nursery

Garden Maintenance

  • Bear Creek Nursery offers seasonal and regular garden and landscape maintenance services.
  • Let our knowledgeable staff help keep your garden in tip-top shape all year round.
  • Just need a little help? We can help ready your garden for the Spring season and help button things up for the winter.
  • Looking for more? Our regular maintenance programs offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly frequency options.
  • Seasonal and regular garden maintenance visits focus on different areas of the garden, completing seasonally relevant tasks including:
    • seeding
    • weeding
    • trimming
    • fertilizing
    • mulching
    • new plant installations
    • monitoring general garden condition and recommending treatments as needed
  • Garden maintenance focuses on plants, trees, shrubs and bed areas. Garden maintenance visits do not include lawn maintenance or hardscape maintenance including mowing, weed-eating, yard leaf blowing, etc.