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Botanical Garden of the Ozarks Gardening Tip

Japanese Garden: Concepts: Most gardens & homes create an inseparable unit., Common Myths: Myth: Japanese Gardens are ‘Zen Gardens’, Myth: One must use ‘Japanese plants’ to create the garden. Fact: Many plants available in the USA are appropriate for Japanese Gardens. Basic Elements: Stone, Water

New and Underused Plants for the Ozarks Gardening Tip

Springtime is new plant time in the Ozarks. Each winter, as a new batch of perennials, annuals and herbs arrive at Bear Creek Nursery, we ooh and aah at the fascinating foliage, fabulous flowers and frivolous fragrances. We wish we could provide photographs for all these new gems; words rarely can

Hypertufa Times

Living out our childhood fantasies. Making Faux Stone: Tools: Accessories, Tools, Forms, Found forms, Home made forms. Ingredients: Peat moss or perlite, vermiculite or sand, Portland cement. Techniques: Casting and Forming, Curing, Tooling, Clean-up. Recipes: Gray or Black, White, Red, Tan, Brown

New and Underused Plants for the Home and Garden Gardening Tip

Common Name: Perennials: Anise Hyssop, Coral Bells, Foamflower, Foamy Bells, Herbs: Variegated Thyme, Grasses: Bottlebrush Grass, Ferns: Tassel Fern, Annuals: African Daisy. Plant name: Agastache, Heuchera, Tiarella, Heucherella, Thymus, Hystrix, Polystichum, Osteospermum. Height. Sun/ Shade

Annuals Gardening Tip

How to keep ‘em blooming. Plan Ahead: Prepare soil, Mulch well, Deer Resistant. Maintain: Know when to prune, Nitrogen for foliage, When in doubt, use balanced fertilizer, e.g. 13-13-13, Heat Tolerant. Helpful Hints: Mix in foliage plants, Attract Butterflies: Marigolds, Foliage Favorites: Geraniums

Bamboo Gardening Tip

Facts and Diversity: Our favorite reasons for growing bamboo. Genera – Name Dropping: Giant Bamboo, America’s Own, Mountain Clumpers, Timber Bamboo, Shorter Ones: Palm Leaf Bamboo. Culture: Seasons of Bamboo, Conditions, Containment, Bamboo as a Potted Plant or Bonsai, Bamboo and your pond.

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