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Deer Resistant Plants Gardening Tip

Bad Deer Plant List. A Few Plants That Deer Do Not Favor. Deer can be annoying pests in the garden. One easy way to solve the problem is to use deer-resistant plants. Many trees, shrubs and perennials are undesirable to deer due to the plants’ strong flavor or hard-to-digest foliage.

Ornamental Grasses

Sun: Fountain Grass, Switch Grass, Pampas Grass, Prairie Dropseed, Maiden Grass, Little Blue Stem. Shade: Sedges, Ribbon Grass, Northern Sea Oats, Dwarf Bamboo. Attributes: Tolerant of drought, Resistant to deer. Procedures: Allow plenty of room, Mulch and water well, Provide plenty of sun

Butterfly Gardening

Finding fun in the flitter. Feed Caterpillars with Host Plants: Caterpillar, Host. Create a Beneficial Environment: Use long flowering plants, Provide fruit tray, Provide a variety of flowering nectar plants. Attract Butterflies with Nectar Plants: Annuals, Wildflowers & Perennials, Shrubs & Trees

Arkansas Natives Gardening Tip

Trees, Shrubs & Perennials native to this region. Planting close to home. Sun: Perennials: Asters, Iris, Butterfly Weed, Ornamental Grass: Switch Grass, Little Blue Stem, Aquatics: Hibiscus, Water Clover, Trees: Black Gum, Maple. Shade: Perennials: Coral Bells, Grasses, Trees & Shrubs

Beneficial or Predator Insects Gardening Tip

All nurserymen and greenhouse growers are concerned with insect pests. Many insects are hard to detect until it is too late, their population increasing quickly and causing problems for growers and their crops. There are pesticides available to help prevent or kill almost every insect pest.

Bamboo and Your Pond Gardening Tip

It is generally bad for business to talk someone out of buying your plants or products. But as responsible nurserymen and greenhouse owners know, some plants just should not be introduced to certain areas. The water hyacinth immediately comes to mind. And no matter how much I would love to get rid

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