Gardening Tips Continued

Bamboo and Your Pond

It is generally bad for business to talk someone out of buying your plants or products. But as responsible nurserymen and greenhouse owners know, some plants just should not be introduced to certain areas. The water hyacinth immediately comes to mind. And no matter how much I would love to get rid of the Vinca major in the backyard (and side yard and front yard), I will never pot it up and sell it to some unsuspecting gardener.

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Beneficial or Predator Insects

All nurserymen and greenhouse growers are concerned with insect pests. Many insects are hard to detect until it is too late, their population increasing quickly and causing problems for growers and their crops.

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New and Underused Plants for the Ozarks

Springtime is new plant time in the Ozarks. Each winter, as a new batch of perennials, annuals and herbs arrive at Bear Creek Nursery, we ooh and aah at the fascinating foliage, fabulous flowers and frivolous fragrances. We wish we could provide photographs for all these new gems; words rarely can properly describe the delicate features of these plants.

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