15th Anniversary Issue

It has been 15 years since we started the Little Greenhouse and evolved into Bear Creek Nursery. So, we feel privileged to celebrate a bit. While rummaging around for the party hats and procrastinating on the party plans, we would like to suggest

A few ways to help celebrate

  • Buy 15 different herbs and get 2 herbs free.
  • Take 15% off any tree or shrub during the month of March.
  • Bring 15 friends and everyone will receive 15% off on all plants, all year.
  • Buy 15 perennials and get 2 more of the same size free.
  • Take 15% off any plant for any member of a gardening organization, throughout the month of March.
  • Take 15% off any purchase on March 24 and 25.
  • All bagged goods (soil, peat, compost, mulch) are 15% off, from April 1 to 7.
  • Shop on April 15 and receive a free herb with every purchase.

We couldn’t do it without you.

Sure we can go on about 15 years in business, new greenhouses and pushing the plant envelope, but the real reason we are here is YOU. The dedication of our friends and the curiosity of newcomers are the heart of our nursery. So, to all our dirt loving, perennial planting, weed cussing, mulch slinging, shrub growing, herb smelling, tree hugging, chlorophyll munching, muddy gloved gardening friends, THANK YOU!

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What’s new at the Bear.

10,000 staples later.

First and foremost on the newbie list is the addition of a greenhouse. (Don’t you have enough, already?) (No, there is never enough room). To us, having more space is an opportunity to grow more plants, try new perennials, propagate more herbs. To our dear readers, this means more aisles to wander, more plants to ponder and more herbs to pinch.

Funny smelling plants.

The new greenhouse is partly dedicated to herbs (over 50 varieties now). A bunch of Agastaches are new to the Bear and offer a deer resistant, drought tolerant, free flowering and nose-pleasing perennial. Be sure to visit and enjoy the olfactory sensations of Lemon Verbena, Munstead Lavender, Lime Basil, Chocolate Mint and Tangerine Marigold.

Sign of the times.

Our slowly developing signage program got a kick in the pants this winter. The result is the kind of information you need to make the right plant choices. Basic facts such as size and hardiness are combined with over 20 years experience to provide the most accurate local plant information available. Forget the catalog that was written in New York City and find out how these critters will grow in the Ozarks. Now you will know what you are getting yourself into.

You’ll like it here.

OK, we are cheating. This is not new or even a surprise. The staff at the Bear want you to have the best plant-shopping experience possible. Sally’s friendly and helpful demeanor, Billie Jo’s pampering of all things green and growing, Will’s infectious smile, Mila’s charm and Gordon’s endless yammering about the joys of gardening are all meant to make your visit as pleasant as possible. We look forward to seeing you this Spring.

Plant News and New Plants

Sundown Coneflower

It seems as if every plant breeder in the world is trying to make new coneflowers. Sundown is one of the best new choices. Typically a summer bloomer, ours have been flowering all winter long in the greenhouse. Soft peach and orange coloring make this a standout coneflower—kind of reminds us of the sky at the end of a summer day.

Running Tapestry Foamflower

Our favorite shade perennial, the foamflower, usually forms a neat, dense mound of leaves and stays put. This new offering is a spreading foamflower. Its delicate runners provide support for the slowly colonizing nature of this perennial. Yummy foliage and lots of flowers add to the fun. leo.

Little Hostas

Everyone has a Hosta in the shade garden—you know, the cute leafy plant that grew four feet across one year. So we are offering the best of small hostas. Under one foot tall, these gems will fit in any garden or even work well in a container. ‘Maui Buttercups’ has a stunning gold leaf and will stay under one foot tall. ‘Lakeside Elfin Fire’ (Who picks these names?) is another cutie that grows under six inches tall. There are others, but you will have to come see them for yourself

Coral Bells and Foamy Bells

Our love affair continues with these colorful-leaf shade perennials. They keep making more of these (it’s so hard to keep up) to titillate our senses.

There are more Coral Bells to choose from with bright leaves and ruffles. Foamy Bells, the offspring of Coral Bells and Foamflowers, have their own charm, with bright leaves and a non-stop show of flowers in the spring

Orange Sedge

We were embarrassed when Caren asked about Orange Sedge and we didn’t have them. After all, we have been growing and boasting about sedges for years. While not orange all year, the winter highlights of this small grass are stunning. Ours have been growing all winter in a cold greenhouse, the new foliage bright green and older foliage taking on an orange glow. Thanks, Caren, for suggesting another outstanding sedge.

Call 479-253-7466 for more information on any of the new introductions reviewed in this article.

Bear Creek Nursery

“ Along with a selection of new annuals, perennials, herbs and grasses, the Bear offers many native trees and shrubs as well as a number of aquatic plants to enhance the pond. Landscape materials and a comprehensive selection of glazed & terra cotta pots round out the products available at your friendly neighborhood garden center. Sound advice is always available from the well informed staff, who will be happy to help you find just the right plant to compliment your garden. Landscape services are available year round.”