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Firsts in Flowers Newsletters

Volume 9, Issue 1 April 2010
What’s New in the Plant World: Annuals: Dahlia ‘Bloody Mary’, Torenia ‘Moon Rose’. Perennials: Echinacea ‘Baby Swan’. The Overachievers Part II: Salvia Van Houtti ‘Dancing Flames’, Ornamental Pepper Jigsaw. Vegetable Plants This Spring: Tomatoes, Peppers.

Digging out of Winter Newsletter

Volume 9, Issue 1 March 2010
The Overachievers. Rudbeckias are now available in as many colors as a paint chart. Winter Gardening. What’s New at the Bear. Old Ironsides. Our Shady Favorite. New Vegetable Plants This Spring. March is Garden Club Month 15% OFF.

Planting for the future Newsletter

Volume 8, Issue 2 September 2009
New Plans & Plants: A Fall Gardening Update. Tired of the same old garden? Making Babies (in the botanical sense). Garden or Golf? Fall Newness. Now Available at Bear Creek Nursery: Deer Resistant Bulbs, Surprise Lilies, Crocus. Customer Appreciation Weekends.

Volume 8, Issue 1 April 2009
What’s New at the Bear. New website, new pottery, new signage, new cat, new plants… Storm Update. A Few New Choices: Matchless Cuphea. Trailing White Bacopa. Ragin’ Cajun Ruellia. Thinking Ahead in Indigo. Growing Coleus from Seed. A Word about the Economy

Feeling Fall in the Air Newsletter

Volume 7, Issue 2 September 2008
Fun Facts About Landscaping. Would you want a plumber to plant your trees? Bean There, Grown That. For anyone who cultivated a vegetable garden, it was a delicious year. Bonfire Begonias. Growing Garlic in the Fall. Garlic is an easy and satisfying crop

Barking Up The Right Tree Newsletter

Volume 7, Issue 1 March 2008
Tree Hugging or Learning to Embrace the Tree. The Shade Providers. Sweet Gum One of the first trees to color in the fall is the Sweet Gum. Flowering Gems That Grow Under 20″ Tall. Dogwood. Here’s the Dirt on Good Soil – Available Now. Garden Mix. Tree Care Tips