New Plans & Plants:
A Fall Gardening Update

Tired of the same old garden? Are you one tree short from the ice storm? Need a little color in your landscape cheeks? This fall is the perfect time to add a tree, replace a waning shrub, infuse a splash of color, upgrade the perennial collection or inject the missing element in your garden.

The change doesn’t have to be large or complicated. Sometimes a single evergreen or small tree is all a yard needs. A splash of colorful pansies or a groundcover plumbago can make a heartwarming difference. An upright evergreen- a slim cedar or narrow yew- can change the focal point of a planting and cause the eye to focus and rest on a single point.

The point here is to think about the yard and landscape. It is amazing how a simple addition can benefit the whole yard. Bear Creek Nursery Landscaping has provided many small and large improvements this year and in many past seasons. Lots of ideas, small and large, are presented in the landscape pages of our website Do you have an idea for your garden? Give us a call, we’d love to help you.

Garden or Golf?

Golf BallThe American Association of Poll-takers announced last year that gardening had overtaken golf as America’s favorite outdoor activity. This stunning revelation has had absolutely no effect on either golfers or gardeners, who continue to garden, golf, and avoid poll-takers.

Golf psychologists, however, feel there may be more to the story. Noted Chinese psychologist, Dr. Wen Du We Tee, stated that recent attendance in golf self-help groups has risen. A frequently overheard comment during sessions was, “Isn’t it okay if I do both?”

landscape toolsThe real confusion, it seems, is the mixing of garden tools and golf equipment. There was the time one fellow tried to aerate his lawn by doing a jig in his golf spikes. One woman was seen teeing off with her new hoe and a person gave new meaning to the word “divot” by trying to dig a hole for a tree using his nine iron. Participants are requested to use the appropriate equipment for their respective entertainment and chores. Thank you.

Most of this article first appeared on the pages of Bear Creek Press in 2002. To review all past issues of Bear Creek Press, go to the Newsletters page of our website. Great ideas, new plants, bad humor, gardening tips and gentle reprimands are all available online. Receive your newsletter online by signing up on our website mailing list. This article reprinted with our own permission.

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Making Babies
(in the botanical sense)

A gardening milestone is achieved by propagating a favorite plant or cold sensitive annual. Taking cuttings and rooting new plants is a simple and immensely satisfying task. Plan a future garden by taking a piece of this summer and saving it for next year.

The easiest method for starting new plants is to root a cutting or piece of the mother plant in water. This simple task provides new plants and a visual miraclethe growth of new roots in a clear glass.

Start with a small glass or jar, clear or lightly tinted is best. Fill with clean water and most importantly, change the water often to keep the cutting and the water clean. Place the vessel in a bright spot or window where it will be warm and not receive too much direct sun. Then go raid the garden….

Many garden plants and annuals can be rooted in water. A few of the easiest include mint, ivy, sweet potato, coleus, impatiens, torenia, wandering jew, and angel wing begonia. There are many others that will work. The bold gardener will experiment (and occasionally fail) with different species. ( We call this “the trial and error and error and error and error” method or our favorite way of learning how not to do things.)

Clean all cuttings and strip all leaves off the stem as they can rot and foul the water. Usually a 4” to 6” cutting is best, with the bottom two thirds of leaves removed. Place the cutting or cuttings in water, be patient and you will be richly rewarded.

When the new roots are two to three inches long the new plant can be potted into its own container. And you can boast to your gardening friends, avoid those costly plants at the nurseries and decorate your kitchen for the winter.

Fall Newness

Part of the fun of fall is newness at the nursery. It is a chance to take a deep breath, feel wet grass underfoot, put on a long sleeve shirt and enjoy leaves turning kaleidoscope for us.

It is also a chance to play in the garden again. Fall is a time to recolor the landscape with pansies, snapdragons and mums or plan for the future with wildflower seeds and flowering bulbs.

Vegetables are in the news again. Everyone has a food producing garden this year. Even Michelle at the White House has an organic garden. (Can you imagine opening up a magazine and reading about her tomatoes?)

Fall is a time to add colorful swiss chard, red lettuce or yummy spinach to the vegetable garden. Or try just a few plants in a convenient “Salad Bowl”.

This is a great season to add a tree or tweak the landscape. Check out all the new shrubs that have just arrived at the nursery. New forms of evergreens, deer resistant plants, and flowering ornamental grasses are just a few of the fresh possibilities for your yard.

And don’t forget to take advantage of two customer appreciation weekends in October. Have a great fall and Happy Gardening!

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Customer Appreciation Weekends

We would like to give a large and sincere thank you to all of you who visited this year (and left with plants and pottery) and made the year at the nursery one of the best ever. We enjoy your ideas, plant queries, plant suggestions, garden reports and even the occasional fungus-riddled leaf questions.

In a small way of saying Thank You,

there will be two (one is not enough to show our full appreciation) Customer Appreciation weekends in October.

Mark your calendars, plan your garden and take advantage of almost everything at 20% off on the following days: October 9th &10th and October 23rd & 24th.

Enjoy terrific savings on landscape materials, shrubs, pottery, bulbs, mums, pansies, bird baths, trees, perennials, grasses, fertilizer, bamboo products, wildflower seeds, books and gift items. And thanks again from all of us at the Bear.

* Cash and carry only, this sale does not include planting, deliveries, special orders or Nitron products.

Call 479-253-7466 for more information on any of the new introductions reviewed in this article.

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