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A World of Bamboo

Bamboo & Your Garden

The beauty, grace and strength of bamboo are unequalled in the plant world.

Few plants can compare to the beauty of bamboo. It is both a delicate and graceful plant and a fast, aggressive grower. The dwarf bamboos are useful as a groundcover or as an accent plant in a container. Taller species make a good hedge or screen. Bamboo is an unusual but worthy subject of bonsai, easily trimmed to form miniature groves.

The world of bamboo is a fascinating one, conjuring images of groomed groves in Japan, delicate Chinese drawings and exotic tropical plants. The beauty, grace and strength of bamboo are unequalled in the plant world.

In many parts of the world, bamboo is an important resource: a construction material, food or a material for crafts and musical instruments. Over one billion people live in housing made from Bamboo.

Bamboo is becoming a popular landscape plant in the United States. As an accent, groundcover or grove, bamboo lends an unusual texture and form to a garden. Although often thought of as a tropical plant, many are suitable for growing in Arkansas.


About Ozark Bamboo Garden

We started the Ozark Bamboo Garden in Northwest Arkansas as an excuse to grow as much bamboo as we had space for. Out of a collection of about 103 varieties, we are propagating about 50 species, 40 of which are now in trial plantings around our nursery. We like having bamboo all over the yard and are always seeing something new in this beautiful and diverse family.

We were fortunate to find additional land to grow more bamboo. On our new land, we built another greenhouse and new garden center and called it Bear Creek Nursery.

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