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Below is a list of Nitron Organic products available for purchase at Bear Creek Nursery. We do not offer shipping of our products.

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Nitron Fertilizers - Blended/Dry

Alfalfa Meal

Alfalfa Meal (3-1-2) is one of the oldest and safest fertilizers one can find. Very high in Vitamin A, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Pantothenic Acid, Niacin, Pyridoxine, Choline, Proline, Bentaine, Folic Acid, Tricontinol, plus N-P-K and trace elements. It also contains sugars, starches, proteins, co-enzymes, and amino acids. How could plants not respond to such a wide and varied nutritional organic fertilizer? Alfalfa Meal is the perfect amendment for getting great colors and blooms from flowers and roses. Also beneficial for tomatoes. Apply 1/4 to 1/2 cup per plant depending on size. Or use a rotary or drop spreader for wide spectrum coverage.


Azomite A-Z minerals including trace minerals. Also known as Painted Rock, aids plants and animals by fortifying the natural balance and helps satisfy the hidden hunger caused by mineral deficiencies or depletion that can be utilized freely. Helps to prevent blights and can reverse chlorosis. Roots develop more, stalks grow larger, fruit set is larger and mineral content will be significantly higher at harvest. Listed as OMRI for us in organic production of production of poultry, plants and animals.

Blood Meal

Blood Meal (12-0-0) is a slow release organic nitrogen that stimulates bacterial growth with just a sprinkle. May be applied directly to in or to soil and is an excellent side dressing for quick growing lettuce, green plants and corn. Also brings a rich supply of amino acids, vitamins (high in thiamin, niacin, riboflavin), and minerals (potassium, magnesium, sulphur, manganese, iron, copper). Used as a olfactory deterrent to deer, but must be reapplied after rain or watering.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth 100% Codex Food Grade Fossil Shell Flour (Diatomaceous Earth) is FDA approved, allnatural and safe for animal consumption up to 2% of feed by weight. DE is composed of diatoms, which are tiny fossilized shells of marine plants. Over time these algae-like plants form a naturally occurring siliceous compound containing minerals such as silicon, calcium, sodium, magnesium, and iron. When ground up these diatoms have the look and feel of talcum powder. However, at a microscopic level that is undetectable to humans, this powder has razor sharp edges. Ultimately, Diatomaceous Earth works by dehydration. The diatom is composed mostly of air making it ideal for liquid or fluid absorption. DE quickly absorbs fluids.

Earthworm Castings

Earthworm Castings (1-0-0) Earthworm castings are a 100% natural soil amendment from materials that earthworms have predigested. This provides nitrogen and millions of soil microbes. A 100% organic soil amendment made by earthworms. Minerals help plants grow, but they have to be available in a way plants can absorb them. Earthworm castings are the digested excretions of worms and contain vitamins, nutrients and microbes that enrich soil and keep plants growing strong. Vitamin rich containing magnesium, phosphates, calcium, potassium and potash. Non burning and gentle enough for use with delicate flowers and seedlings. Full of beneficial bacteria promoting increased soil health. An organic dirt “adhesive” that keeps soil particles together providing better water retention and a stronger, firmer root bed

Feather Meal

Feather Meal (14-0-0) is comprised of processed chicken feathers that have been thoroughly cleaned, heated with steam, and ground up into a powerful organic fertilizer mulch. With an extremely rich Nitrogen level Feather Meal provides both quick nutrient enrichment and a constant, “slow feed” as plants metabolize the nitrogen materials at their own pace. This allows for more consistent growth and provides the plant with a readily accessible growth supplement whenever the plant needs it most. Because Feather Meal has such a high nitrogen count, applications should be spread out enough to allow time for the plant to use the extra nutrients. Overuse could result in excessive amounts of nitrogen being present, which can damage plants instead of feeding them. This phenomenon is known as “burning” and occurs with nearly all fertilizers when they are overused.


Greensand is an iron potassium silicate containing 7% potassium (K20), 20% iron oxide (Fe02), and as many as thirty (30) other elements. Contains magnesium and calcium. Greensand loosens hard soils, binds sandy soils, regulates moisture, and assists in the release of other nutrients. This ancient sea shore deposit is valued as a slow release source of marine potash and other essential minerals. Greensand is non-burning, holds twice its weight in water and slowly releases potassium to stimulate solid stem growth. One 50 pound bag covers 2500 square feet, or apply 1/3 cup per plant.

Kelp Meal

Kelp Meal (1-0-8) is processed in a natural fashion from seaweed which contains every element known to be helpful in growing plants. Kelp Meal also contains many growth hormones and enzymes. This all purpose fertilizer is effective for indoor plants, lawns, and vegetable gardens. Potatoes, beets, cabbage, and other potassium loving plants thrive on Kelp Meal! One of the six ingredients in Nitron’s Great Tomato Formula.

Organic matter in the soil, and associated soil microflora, bacteria and fungi play an important role in fertility and plant nutrient uptake. The minerals released and humus colloids formed during the decomposition of Kelp Meal result in the aggregation of soil particles and the retention of nutrients which might otherwise be leached from the soil. Use 20 pounds per thousand square feet, or 1/8 to 1/4 cup per plant.

Nature Meal for Acid Loving Plants

Nature Meal for Acid Loving Plants (8-2-2) is specially designed for those plants and shrubs that require an acid soil. It has a base of cottonseed meal, and Nitron has added a blend of minerals and nutrients to produce great color, abundant blossoms, and hardy plants. Perfect for azaleas, blueberries, strawberries, trees, and shrubs. For broad spectrum coverage, a drop or rotary spreader can be used. Apply 20 pounds per 1000 square feet, or 1/4 cup per plant.

Nature Meal for Roses and Flowers

Nature Meal for Roses and Flowers (4-6-2) is a blend of natural, organic ingredients. A beautiful flower is an unblemished flower. Blemishes are due to fungus and disease which result from an inadequate supply of the proper ratio of nutrients. Ensure proper growth and bloom cycles without burning. Beneficial for herbs and other blooming plants. Nature Meal can be spread by rotary or drop spreader, or 1/8 to 1/4 cup per plant by hand. Apply once a month or as needed.

Nature Meal for Tomatoes

Nature Meal for Tomatoes (5-6-3) provides exactly the right ratio of trace minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins required to build picture perfect and delicious tomatoes. Put the energy in producing your crop and not the vine. Nature Meal can be applied by rotary or drop spreader, or 1/4 to 1/3 cup per plant by hand once every 30 days.

Nature Meal for Veggies

Nature Meal for Veggies (4-8-4) has been blended to produce the maximum amounts of produce and not just green stems or lots of foliage. This 100% organic fertilizer contains no harmful chemicals. N.M. Veggies improves nutrition, taste, and quality by including dozens of the 96 known minerals, plus a protein and carbohydrate base for sustained plant growth. Nature meal can be spread by rotary or drop spreader, or 1/4 cup per plant by hand.

Paramagnetic Rock

Paramagnetic Rock While many materials are paramagnetic, it is the highly magnetic volcanic rock that is used as the soil additive and conditioner. To understand how it works, think of paramagnetic rock as a conduit for gathering the electro-magnetic energy of the cosmos. In the soil, this “gathering power” sets up a flow of energy from the para-magnetic material to other material that is diamagnetic (e.g. plant material and compost). The higher the soil CGS value, the higher the flow of energy. It is this flow of energy that is responsible for increased microbial development and the resulting plant growth. Other paramagnetic materials include charred wood, ash, air, oxygen, water, calci-um, potassium, sodium, and soil. As a rule, paramagnetic rock does not provide minerals for plants. The values of paramagnetic rock can be as high as 9,000 or more. Paramagnetic rock is sometimes referred to as lava sand.

Soft Rock Phosphate

Soft Rock Phosphate (0-5-0) contains large amounts of calcium and phosphorus in a natural colloidal form. It suspends in soils and water so that leaching is minimized. Phosphate helps in photosynthesis to produce plant sugars, and proper levels reduce the amount of nitrogen needed. Phosphorus has to be present for cell division and growth. Good quality, nutritionally sound crops with extended shelf-life are not possible without adequate phosphorus. Soft Rock Phosphate is one of the six ingredients in Nitron’s Great Tomato Formula and can be applied by rotary or drop spreader, or 1/4 cup per plant by hand.

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Nitron Fertilizers - Liquids

Formula A-35

Formula A-35 can be used almost anywhere. A-35 activates and releases soil nutrients. Acting as a catalyst, A-35 compliments enzymes already present in the soil and those added with fertilizer. It improves soil texture in clay, hardpan and other poor soil types. The germination rate of seeds is increased, root development is improved, and transplant shock is reduced. A-35 helps to detoxify the soil. It is also one of the six ingredients in Nitron’s Great Tomato Formula.

A-35 has been rigorously tested in all kinds of soils worldwide since 1978. It is 100% organic, natural, and completely safe for family, pets, wildlife, and everything you grow. Formula A-35 may be applied at any time of year when weather permits, but Spring, Summer and Fall applications are best. Two applications each year are recommended. For problem soils, plants, or trees more frequent applications may be needed.

Do not mix A-35 with chemical fertilizers or apply them on the same day. Store out of direct sunlight in 98 degrees or less. Properly stored, A-35 has a shelf life of many years; but for best results, keep it in your soil- not on your shelf.


  • 1 gallon- treats 10,000 square feet or 1/4 acre
  • 1 gallon- treats 64 rose bushes, shrubs or other large individual plants at 1/4 cup:1 gallon water for each plant
  • 1 quart- treats 2,500 square feet Add the A-35 after the water is in the container to prevent foaming.

Nitron’s Liquid Fish

Nitron’s Liquid Fish (2.6-2-0.26 ) is 100% organic fertilizer and can serve as a complete plant food or soil conditioner. It is full of trace amounts of minerals to improve the ability of soil microbes to convert nutrients in the soil into plant food. Fish Emulsion is great for all types of plants- lawns, gardens and flowers. Can be applied with hose-end or tank sprayer, or with a watering can. 1 part Fish Emulsion:4 parts water.

Nitron’s Sea Grow Plus

Nitron’s Sea Grow Plus (2-1-2) is an excellent liquid fertilizer for your foliar, transplanting, and rooting needs. It improves the health and yield of your garden and house plants. It also is great for growing roses, as it intensifies the color. Sea Grow Plus is an extract of natural ocean kelp. Its ratio of organic nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium Sea Grow Plus is highly recommended as a foliar nutrient spray, which is an extremely efficient method of providing nu-trients directly to the plant. This liquid fertilizer may also be applied directly to the soil.

Nitron’s Tomato Booster

Nitron’s Tomato Booster is an all natural formula made up of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, catalytic enzymes, seaweed extract, fish hydrolysate, trace elements, and natural growth regulators. Tomato Booster helps produce in-credible yields and strong vibrant plants. Most chemical fertilizers, which are synthetic compounds, contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, three nutrients plants need to survive. However, tomato plants need much more than these three. Many of the nutrients they need are already present in the soil. When these potent chemicals are added to soil, they can overload the tomato plant and cause it to become imbalanced. Tomato plants treated with chemical fer-tilizers appear to be healthy and abundant, but the protein quality is depleted and they are more susceptible to dis-ease. Apply 1 oz of Tomato Booster mixed with one quart of water every two weeks during the growing season.

Neem Oil

Neem Oil is a biological insecticide for organic production that controls target pests on contact or by ingestion. It acts on pests by way of repellence, anti-feedant action and interference with the molting process. Intended for Crop and Non-Crop uses including vegetables, fruits, nuts, ornamentals and other non-crop plants. Use precaution when applying during bright sunny conditions as this can cause leaf burn.